We have participate in the Terraenvision 2022 congress on NBS Nature based Solutions

27-June-1 July 2022

Paola Sangalli , president EFIB and SCIA S.L. partner,  and Rosie Stangl, EFIB secretary manager and director of the Institut of Soil and Water Bioengineering, attended the conference, presenting papers on Soil and Water Bioengineering in different fields, such as flood control, circular economy or post-fire soil protection.

Paola Sangalli presenting EFIB, R. Stangl and Paola Sangalli with the EFIB -Boku poster on postfire interventions with SWB , Rosie Stangl presenting

This was a conference with a multidisciplinary approach and an holistic vision  and as the organising comitte explains TERRAenVISION promotes to exchange scientific research, solutions from industry and insights from policy for interdisciplinary collaboration and networking. To bring scientists and stakeholders that have the same goal, work on the same societal issue, but have different backgrounds.

The book of abstracts can be downloaded here:  http://terraenvision.eu/2022/book.php