In the recently ended year 2021, The European Federation of Soil and water Bioengineering celebrates 25 years . As we announced earlier this year, we wanted to celebrate this very important anniversary, reinforcing, and reissuing our commitment to the planet and its current challenges , especially with the necessary restoration and recovery of our ecosystems through this exciting discipline, Soil and Water Bioengineering. Authentic NATURE BASED SOLUTION, in which plants become our living material for construction and regeneration.

From these  lines I wish to thank you the work done by all the board of members EFIB  in these years and Giuliano Sauli(†) Rolf Studder, Eva Hacker as former presidents of EFIB  and Florin Florineth as Secretariat /management

As you will read in the following pages , we have had an intense year of congresses and international collaborations such as SBEE (Bern), Lasosu (China) SERE (Alicante) and AEP-EFLA (Granada), We had to  postpone  the planned excursions but instead we have intensified the online seminars and virtual meetings, according with these days.  Hopefully this year we can meet again with more peace of mind . –and again,  congratulations EFIB ,for 25 years more  !!

P.Sangalli President










Giuliano Sauli, Florin Florineth, Hugo Schiechtl,Paola Sangalli, Rolf Studer, Eva Hacker, Matthias Stolle, Thomas Weibel

EFIB foundationInstitutfúr Ingenieurbiologie BOKU Vienna 1996