Date: 20220520
Time: 11:30  12:15

Location: Teams

The presentation will be on the discipline of SWB, which is the use of living plant materials to build structures that provide slope support and erosion protection. Examples of applications and and details about the approach, the design and the maintenance-monitoring of these solutions will be presented.

The presentation will focus on:

  • What is Soil Water Bioengineering (SWB)
  • Example of applications, practical cases (focus on SWB for slope stabilization and riverbank protection)
  • Design phases
  • Ecological and biodiversity indicators (how to measure them and how to monitor them)
  • SWB and NBS, similarities and differences
  • The European Federation of Soil and Water Bioengineering – EFIB- (the federation, main activities, events etc)

Dr. Paola Sangalli has background in biology and landscape architecture and has a decennial experience in projects dealing with SWB and NBS, as well as environmental regeneration and ecological restoration.

She is the founder of the SCIA SL. studio (Sangalli Coronel y Asociados) and currently the president
of the European Federation of Soil and Water Bioengineering  EFIB  (

Prof. Federico Preti has a background in civil engineering and has been studying the effects of roots and vegetation on the stability of slopes, through practical applications and modelling. PhD on Environmental Monitoring,He is professor at the department of Agricultural, Food, Environmental and Forestry Sciences and Technologies Department (DAGRI) at University of Firenze (Italy), and the president of the Italian Association of Soil and Water Bioengineering – AIPIN EFIB member

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