Urban Green Infrastructure for Climate-Proof and Healthy Cities


In the light of climate change adaptation, urban green (and blue) infrastructures are becoming increasingly recognized, referring to urban and settlement planning and the design of climate-adapted housings and buildings. Green and plant-based solutions (such as green roofing, green façading, street and open space greenery, etc.) have become an issue in combatting urban heat and associated health stresses. The purpose of this issue is to provide up-to-date knowledge in technologies, planning and implementation of urban green infrastructure in order to advance urban sustainability and secure healthy and climate-proof urban environments.

We invite authors to submit articles to this Special Issue on urban green infrastructure related to the broader spectrum of technical and natural, social and medical science and the evaluation of these aspects in urban and peri-urban settings. We welcome theoretical and empirical contributions as well as review articles, and the submission of research work by interdisciplinary teams and international groups is of significant interest.

TERMIN : 31 .05.2021

Deadline 31/05/2021