The SWISS Water Prize 2022 was awarded during the General Assembly of the Swiss Association of Landscape Bioengineering on 22 May. 2022

The award ceremony was followed by a visit to the winning project.

The winning project is included in the publication: 1/2022

Award Ceremony. Emme team with Cesare, president VIB   Swiss Water Prize 2022 Excursion mit Matthias Mende

The first prize was awarded during the 2022 General Assembly and the intervention areas were visited.

A total of seven projects were preselected at this edition and the Emme project in the canton of Solothurn on the river Aare was chosen as the winner-due at the e combination of  solutions that support   the  fluvial dynamics with theuse of Soil and water bioengineering, that  facilitated the restoration of valuable habitat at different stages of succession.

The winning project is included in the publication:1/2022