The Department of Agriculture, Food, Environment and Forestry of the University of Florence (UNIFI-DAGRI has work within the Burundi Landscape Restoration and Resilience Project, POUR LE RENFORCEMENT DES CAPACITES ET LA SUPERVISION DES TRAVAUX DE TERRASSEMENT, DE BIO-INGENIERIE ET DE RECUPERATION DE L’EAU DE PLUIE. With the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Breeding of the Republic of Burundi (MINAGRIE)

Efib has collaborate in this iniciative.

Last February and March, a team formed by Federico Preti, Giulio Castelli and Cesare Crocetti gave a two-week course and practical workshop during which they carried out a slope stabilisation project using SWB techniques.

In this project several professionals in Burundi has collaborate.

In the coming months we will share a series of videos and more information about the evolution of the techniques.