EGU24 – (Vienna & online).

14–19 April 2024

Nature-based and bio-based solutions for geohazard mitigation on slopes and streambanks.

We are proposing a session on nature-based solutions – and bio-based solutions to mitigate the effects of landslides and erosion at EGU24 – European Geosciences Union The objective of the session is to stimulate the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge on nature-based (such as Soil and Water Bioengineering, vegetation use, capillary barriers, …) and bio-based (such as MICP calcite induced by microbial activities, bio-polymers…)
solutions for the mitigation of risks related to hydro-geological disasters, with particular attention to landslides and erosion on slopes and streambanks, including biodiversity and ecosystem services dimensions.

Contributions will range from:

  • experimental studies (lab and site)
  • numerical analyses and upscaling of results
  • design approaches, best practices, manuals, and guidelines
  • National and European policies
  • case studies

The session has been organized by

Alessandro Fraccica, Vittoria Capobianco, André Evette, Paola Sangalli, Stephan Hörbinger

(ISPRA – Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Reseach, NGI – Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, INRAE – French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment, EFIB – European Federation of Soil and Water Bioengineering, BOKU – University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna)

More information and the session description can be found in the attached flyer and here:

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 10 January 2024 – 13:00 CET.

Further information on abstract submission is available at:


The conference INTERPRAEVENT is the professional congress in the field of preventive protection against natural disasters..
2024 the international conference will be held for the ninth time in Austria and for the first time in Vienna.

The INTERPRAEVENT 2024 takes place from 10 – 13 June 2024 at the Conference Center Hofburg Vienna. You are kindly invited to submit a paper that addresses the theme of the INTERPRAEVENT 2024.

Natural hazard processes

The main focus of the conference is on the folllowing natural hazard processes

  • debris flows
  • floods (fluvial and pluvial)
  •  forest fires
  •  landslides (including rockfall)
  •  snow avalanches

Special attention is paid to the effects caused by climate change, for example extreme weather events, heatwaves and droughts or heavy precipitation on the natural hazard processes.

Furthermore, the following topics related to the natural hazard processes will be considered: glacier and permafrost related risks, erosion and sediment related disasters, cascading events, storm events and protective function of forests.


The INTERPRAEVENT 2024 will be organized as a scientific-technical conference with six thematic sessions:

  1. Climate Change: Drivers, Triggers and Consequences
  2.  Risk Governance, Policies and Resilience
  3.  From Observations and Experiments to Modelling and Simulations
  4.  Hazard and Risk Assessment
  5.  Structural and Non-Structural Mitigation Measures
  6.  Emergency Management and Recovery

Global warming and its massive impact on extreme natural disasters is one of the main challenges of our era. Traditional concepts of hazard prevention or disaster management are no longer sufficient in the present, global climatic change requires sustainable social adaptation processes for the protective system. The conference INTERPRAEVENT 2024 is addressing this issue under the overall theme:

“Natural hazards in a changing climate –
How to manage risks under global warming?”.

Call for Student Award

The submission for the Student Award is open from 1 June until 1 November 2023.